Sample Digital Orthophoto Images

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vendredi 11 février 2011

Saint-Pierre medieval gate in Nantes

Last summer, I was called to carry out the 3D survey of the "Porte Saint-Pierre" in Nantes.

That was an interesting operation.

First because I didn't know Nantes, and the week I've spent there makes me feel that this town is a really good place to live.

I've met interesting people, talking about the use of 3D scanning, lidar survey and orthophoto in archaeology and architecture, and that was great to get the feedback on the data we produced.

The gate was not so easy to survey. Two of the 4 faces of the building are hidden by big trees so I had to use either a bucket truck and a telescopic mast to reach the best point of view for each photo and get a full coverage of the elevations.

For the 2 elevations that were easy to photograph, only 20 photos were used to get the good orthophotos. The 2 other ones required more than 170 images...

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vendredi 4 février 2011

Timimoun : The Red Oasis

Timimoun is located in the hyper-arid zone of the Sahara,1200 km southwest of Algiers.

To document the stand of the Algerian Ministry of Culture in the Second Panafrican Cultural Festival in Alger, we've been asked for Orthophotos and a 3D model of a nice mud building.

Everything has been 3D scanned and photographed, so we were able to provide any maps or 3D render.

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See also a video of the 3D model here